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The new porcelain tableware collection by Christian Lacroix Maison and Vista Alegre emanates neo-classical freshness. The subtle lines of Herbariae are inspired by 5 flowers. The poppy, narcissus, lotus flower, dahlia and thistle. Selected for the power of their evocative, yet delicate, beauty, they adorn each piece of this new opus. Drawn within stylised borders and edged with a black line, the images are inspired by herbarium collections and antique botanical prints. Herbariae was created around two colour themes, to be combined as desired. The first is a black and white duo, highlighting positive and negative in turn, creating a graphic table that is all about contrast. The second combines soft pinks and yellows with a delicate celadon green and stylish peacock blue, in the style of a water colour painting, a nod to the House’s iconic Sol y Sombra collection, that will embellish your table with the lightness of spring.

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About Christian Lacroix - Herbariae:
The subtle lines of Herbariae were inspired by five flowers: the poppy, the narcissus, the lotus, the dahlia, and the thistle.
Chosen for the power of their evocative but delicate beauty, they adorn each piece of this collection.
Drawn in the style of ancient herbariums and botanical works, within stylized margins edged with a black line, the images stand out in their contrasting black and white, and in their core of softer colours – pink, yellow, green and peacock-blue -, which evoke watercolour paintings.
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