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Salad/ Dessert plate, individually gift boxed.

For its new Primavera collection, an ode to the sweet spring season, Christian Lacroix Maison and Vista Alegre are joining forces to exceptional decorative and sculptural pieces, taking us into a garden overflowing with ornate foliage and filled with joyful birdsong symphonies. Each piece is adorned with golden notes and outlines of platinum and gold, the signature of Christian Lacroix Maison porcelain.

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About Chistian Lacroix - Primavera:
Magenta dahlias, crimson poppies and buttercup yellow pansies mingle with lush vegetation that seems to be escaping from a labyrinth of immaculate stripes. And with them, plates, serving dishes, sugar bowls and treasure boxes take on a thousand different hues. And, for the first time since their partnership began in 2013, this new Christian Lacroix Maison china collection by Vista Alegre includes a series of sculpted decorative birds. Selected from the manufacturer’s archives by Sacha Walckhoff, Christian Lacroix’ creative director, they have been mischievously turned into elegant chandeliers, salt cellars and trivets.
Each piece is entirely hand-painted and accented with gold, superbly showcasing the age-old skill and expertise of the Portuguese workshops.

Collection award winning with Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2019.
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