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About Endangered:
In ancient Egypt, in the religious ritual of mummification, organs were placed inside four vessels, where they were kept – according to belief – connected to the body. Each of the lids of each of these canopic jars had a figure: three animals and one man, representing the four children of the deity Horus. This notion was the starting point for creating the Endangered collection, which delves into this distant past and brings it to our present day, by representing four endangered animals originating from four major continents, replacing the metaphysical with the very real necessity to ensure that life on earth continues. Endangered is a tribute to biodiversity and a wake-up call to careless human behavior. The use of white biscuit porcelain represents the purity of wildlife, while, on the body of the box-vessels, Egyptian hieroglyphics make way for low reliefs of printed circuit boards. Words and binary numbering to identify the respective animal are engraved at the bottom of each lid. This decoration and black biscuit porcelain represent the negative impact of technology and human society on every ecosystem.